When many businesses break up or anticipate problems in the future, they turn to Robert & Robert, PLLC not only for our skill and expertise in the courtroom, but also for our ability to assess and evaluate what is in the best interests of our clients and formulate strategies best suiting those interests.

The dissolution of a business is often a contentious process — especially when there are no pre-existing agreements to guide the breakup. Often, privately held companies do not have shareholder or partnership agreements in place prior to a breakup and without such agreements, business dissolutions tend to be complicated and tainted by emotions and personal issues. Robert & Robert, PLLC’s experienced business divorce attorneys are best suited for obtaining desirable outcomes in such situations.

The law firm of Robert & Robert, PLLC has spent considerable time and effort litigating and mediating on behalf of business clients who are trying to either keep their businesses together, departing from the business or are dissolving their business altogether.

While litigation can often be avoided in business divorce situations, it takes a focused litigator to know when to move quickly and aggressively and when to negotiate. At Robert & Robert, PLLC, when litigation becomes necessary, we aggressively litigate and control the litigation process. Typically, accountants and other experts are needed to evaluate and analyze financial documents and through a strong network of third parties who specialize in these issues, Robert & Robert, PLLC is able to accommodate all of our clients’ needs.

Robert & Robert, PLLC’s team approach allows the firm to leverage its litigation knowledge and experience to effectively and efficiently explore all options. The firm’s team of effective and knowledgeable lawyers has guided many businesses to highly favorable outcomes in the area of business divorce.